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Dr. Marina McLean

Synchronize: The Worship Experience

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This album is dedicated to the true worshipper in you. A worshipper longing for an awakening of the heart, mind, and spirit giving yourself to the Father. Heaven knows how to respond to God in His atmosphere. It is my desire that this live worship experience will catapult you into the realms of the heavens. You too shall have the ultimate worship journey and write your expression to the Father.

Track List (Disc 1: Caleb McLean)

  1. The Lord's Prayer
  2. Cmoe Thou Fount
  3. Safe in Your Arms
  4. How He Loves
  5. Revelation Song

Track List (Disc 2: Dr. Marina McLean)

  1. Open Heaven
  2. Synchronize
  3. You Are My God
  4. Hear O Hear
  5. Eternity To Time
  6. In The Glory
  7. I Know You

Disc 3: Includes DVD with the Live Worship of Caleb McLean and Dr. Marina McLean.


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