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The Glory

Regular price $15.00

This series teaches us how to bring an atmosphere of the Glory to the cooperate body.

Stepping into the Almighty

Regular price $30.00

Commitment drives people from church. It’s hard to build a church if you don’t teach commitment. There’s an amazing benefit...

In The Glory (Live Worship)

Regular price $14.95

Dr. Marina’s latest worship CD featuring all news songs. 1 Audio CD

The Bride and Face of the Groom

Regular price $20.00

There is an intimacy that the Father is arousing in the bride to prepare her for an encounter with the...

Victory in Praise

Regular price $30.00

Your praise is an axle that stirs the heart of God to give you your victory. Set of 4 Video...

First Harvest 2013

Regular price $14.95

Dr. Renny ties the Old Testament Passover to the New Testament Lord's Supper. The Passover represents the former and the...

Chronicles of the Feast

Sale price $19.95 Regular price $24.95

Chronicles of the Feasts opens your eyes to the plan and purpose of God from the beginning of time. You...

The Breakthrough of Worship

Regular price $35.00

The key principle in Third Day worship is you becoming worship. “Worship is the revelation of your existence!” Set of...

Worship Bundle

Sale price $29.95 Regular price $49.85

This Worship Bundle includes: The teaching on DVD: Chronicles of Worship The book: Appetite for Worship: Creating a Hunger for His...

Paquete de Adoración

Sale price $29.95 Regular price $49.85

Este paquete de adoración incluye: La enseñanza en DVD: Las Crónicas de Adoración El libro: Apetito por la Adoración: Crear Hambre...